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The Auburn School Committee voted to change the schedule for cohorts A and B by alternating each group on Wednesdays. This change increases in-school learning for our hybrid students. Cohort A started the new rotation on Monday, 2/22 and attended in-school learning through Wednesday, 2/24.

On Wednesday, 3/3 Cohort B will start their new in-person rotation. Cohort B will be in school for learning on Wed-Fri, 3/3-3/5. The following week Cohort A will be in-person for their 3-day rotation. See the revised calendar above for an outline of these details.

February 26, 2021

Good afternoon AMS Families,

It was great to see students back in the building this Wednesday. Our Cohort B students will be in next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, March 3, 4, and 5.

Revised School Calendar Information HERE!

Students are not allowed to go to a friends house without prior approval through the TRANSPORTATION Dept. There are only a certain number of students allowed on a bus at any given time. Prior to a student being allowed on another bus, it must be determined in advance if there is enough room. Please know it may take a few days in advance to determine if there is extra room on a bus.

March is an exciting time of year for Team Achieve! We are beginning the month with the Spread the Word Campaign. We are asking everyone to “Choose to Include people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities” because we are much more alike than different. Team Achieve will also be celebrating World Down Syndrome Day later in March. Keep on the lookout for more exciting opportunities for your family to be able to get involved.

Our PBIS committee continues to meet regularly as a group that includes student, staff, and administrative representatives. Our group supports positive behavior incentive programs being implemented schoolwide and adhering to the latest COVID-19 safety protocols. We are ensuring that our school expectations make sense and taught to all students and staff. We are always improving how these expectations are taught and communicated. Please check out our AMS website and take a look at the PBIS Information to see what we've been working on!

Our Winter sports teams have been enjoying getting back onto the court and on the slopes for interscholastic competitions. The Winter Season will conclude on March 11th with final practices. Sign-ups for AMS Spring sports (Baseball, Softball, Track & Field) will open on March 12th. A FamilyID link will be sent out in the Family Friday Update on that day. Spring practices for all sports will start on April 5th.

Our School Athletics website: ( is a great resource for up to date information on AMS Sports. If you have any questions about Sports at AMS, please contact our Athletic Director, Anthony Timberman, at

  • photo taken at Auburn Middle School the day after snowfall on Tuesday, 2/23

The student schedule for Wednesdays can be found below:

Willow/ Spruce

7:30- 7:43 Homebase for Attendance/ announcements/ pledge

7:45- 8:30 Class I- 45 min

8:32- 9:17 Class II- 45 min

9:19- 10:04 Class III- 45 min

10:05- 10:25 Movement break/ snack- in or out

10:30-11:15. Class IV- 45 min

11:17- 12:02 Class V- 45 min

12:05 Dismissal and Grab and Go lunch

Oak/ Pine/Birch/Achieve:

7:30- 7:43 Homebase for Attendance/ announcements/ pledge

7:45- 8:30 Class I- 45 min

8:32- 9:17 Class II- 45 min

9:19- 9:39 Movement break/ snack- in or out

9:43- 10:28 Class III 45 min

10:30-11:15. Class IV- 45 min

11:17- 12:02 Class V- 45 min

12:05 Dismissal and Grab and Go lunch

Maple/ Cedar/Elm

7:30- 7:43 Homebase for Attendance/ announcements/ pledge

7:45- 8:30 Class I- 45 min

8:32- 9:17 Class II- 45 min

9:19- 10:04 Class III- 45 min

10:06- 10:51 Class IV 45 min

10:53-11:13 Movement break/ snack- in or out

11:17- 12:02 Class V- 45 min

12:05 Dismissal and Grab and Go lunch

Parent Pick up

Wave 1: 12:10-12:15 Student Last names: A-D

Wave 2: 12:15-12:20 Student Last names: E-K

Wave 3: 12:20-12:25 Student Last names: L-R

Wave 4: 12:25-12:30 Student Last names: S-Z

If your student is in need of clothing, hygiene items or food, feel free to fill out the following forms or contact Mrs. Knights at Please know that this is confidential.

Falcon Food Pantry:

Green Closet:

Please remember that it is the responsibility of families to make sure the COVID screening is completed each day prior to students coming to school. There have been several recent incidents in which students have arrived at school clearly feeling unwell. If your student is sick or if they experience any COVID symptoms please make sure you let us know. Family Covid Screening (DAILY) If your child is not feeling well, PLEASE do not send them to school.

Bob Griffin


Our new Auburn Middle School main entrance

New to Auburn Registrations

If your child is NEW to Auburn School District and will be attending Auburn Middle School in the fall, please fill out the registration paperwork here

Click here for:

Auburn Middle School Parent-Student Drop Off and Pick Up MAP

Drop Off Instructions:

Drive up Falcon Drive toward the school. Take a left as you face the school. Travel along the left side of the building. In the back, drop off your student in the designated area. Follow the road up and loop around. Drive back down the same road to Falcon Drive.

Pick Up Instructions:

Parents should enter the campus during their assigned pick-up time, bear left, and the first car in the line will be stopped just past the turn around at the back of the school. We will have staff there to facilitate this. Students from each wave will leave the back entrance and socially distance themselves along the turnaround loop. Parents will follow the line of cars around the loop and stop to pick up their child. Parents should carefully proceed around the loop and exit back down the way they entered.


Based on consultation with the city, the safest place for parent pick up is in the rear of the building. To shorten wait times, we will have 4 waves of student dismissals.

Every Parent/Guardian is assigned a pick-up wave for their child.

Note new times as of 9/21/20:

Wave 1: 1:45 Student Last names: A-D

Wave 2: 1:55 Student Last names: E-K

Wave 3: 2:00 Student Last names: L-R

Wave 4: 2:05 Student Last names: S-Z


  • Student WALKERS - Walkers will be dismissed after busses at approximately 2pm. In the mornings, walkers should arrive between 7:15-7:30am.



  1. What if I need to pick up my student early?

A: Please arrange pick up prior to 1:30PM to ensure that you will not be caught by busses and traffic.

  1. What if I am running late?

A: Please join the next wave. If it becomes a scheduling conflict, please call the office and we will adjust the wave assignment to ensure that your child is not waiting for extra time.

  1. What if it is raining or other inclimate weather?

A: Please have students dress for the weather, but in extreme conditions, we will have students wait in the gymnasium and be dismissed individually (this may cause a slower release. We ask for your patience and understanding.

AMS_ELHS Bus Runs 2020-2021 (Full List as of 9_9_20) - Sheet1.pdf

Click here to view an important letter from the school department regarding their position on diversity and equity.

If you are in need of food assistance, check out this resource that shows locations where food can be accessed in Androscoggin county.

AMS Lost and Found

Our lost and found is growing rapidly. Students should check the AMS Lost and Found area located outside of our Library. Missing items are placed here. Students should check this area first if they notice a personal item missing.