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October 22, 2021

Good afternoon AMS Families!

Here is important information regarding Pooled COVID testing in our schools: Pooled Testing Information

LifeTouch picture retakes will be next Friday, October 29th.

As you heard yesterday evening from the district, all students and staff at Auburn Middle School (and the other Auburn Schools) are now required to wear masks while indoors at school. Masks are not required when students are outdoors. Masks have always been required while riding buses. We have plenty of masks here at school. If your student does not have a mask, one will be provided. If a student refuses to wear a mask, we will offer a mask, and will remind them of the rule. If they continue to refuse, they will need to be sent home. We recognize this is a change for students and are here to support them. Here is a link to the letter from Dr. Brown that was posted on the school department website: Superintendent Letter

We are pleased to once again be partnering with a registered dental hygienist from T.F.I. (Tooth Fairies) to provide dental cleanings, sealant placement, fluoride varnish, brushing instructions, temporary fillings and SDF (fluoride with silver ions that can stop the bacterial infection that causes cavities) at school. Services provided are available to students who are not established with a dentist (going on a regular 6 months schedule). MaineCare will cover this service. If your child is not covered under MaineCare, the fee for this service is $42.00 for children age 4-13 and $52.00 for age 13 and older. Financial assistance is available if needed. A date for this service has not yet been determined. If you are interested please visit our school website https://ams.auburnschl.edu to complete a required health form that needs to be returned to the main office. Please call 754-1176 with any questions.

Here is a link to the daily family COVID Screener. New Covid Daily Health Screener.

We continue to have students coming to school each day with symptoms listed on the screener. In order for us to continue being in school five days a week, we need your help with this. Please make sure students stay home if they do not pass the daily screener.

It is time to sign up for Winter Sports! AMS offers Basketball, Alpine Skiing, and Nordic Skiing. You can sign your child(ren) up at: https://www.familyid.com/edward-little-high-school. If you have not done so, please sign up ASAP. We need to know how many students are participating so we can plan accordingly.

We have begun the process of creating our 2021-2022 AMS school yearbook. 8th Grade parents/guardians, please email a copy of a baby/infant picture of your child for our AMS Yearbook to Claudette Poulin at: cpoulin@auburnschl.edu. This should be in a jpeg format. Please include the name of your child in the email. Contact Mrs. Poulin with questions.

Our school website can be found here: AMS Website

Schools will be closed on November 11th in recognition of Veterans Day.

Enjoy the weekend!


Bob Griffin

Principal, Auburn Middle School

AMS Drama Rehearsal schedule: Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6:30pm.

Important Nutrition Letter below

Message to Families School Nutrition FINAL ASD-2.pdf

October Lunch Menu Below


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Video of 7th Grade Parent Night held on May 25, 2021 - click below

Auburn Middle School Parent-Student Drop Off and Pick Up MAP

Drop Off Instructions:

Drive up Falcon Drive toward the school. Take a left as you face the school. Travel along the left side of the building. In the back, drop off your student in the designated area. Follow the road up and loop around. Drive back down the same road to Falcon Drive.

Pick Up Instructions:

Parents should enter the campus during their assigned pick-up time, bear left, and the first car in the line will be stopped just past the turn around at the back of the school. We will have staff there to facilitate this. Students from each wave will leave the back entrance and socially distance themselves along the turnaround loop. Parents will follow the line of cars around the loop and stop to pick up their child. Parents should carefully proceed around the loop and exit back down the way they entered.


Based on consultation with the city, the safest place for parent pick up is in the rear of the building. To shorten wait times, we will have 4 waves of student dismissals.

Every Parent/Guardian is assigned a pick-up wave for their child.

Wave 1: 2:00 Student Last names: A-D

Wave 2: 2:05 Student Last names: E-K

Wave 3: 2:10 Student Last names: L-R

Wave 4: 2:15 Student Last names: S-Z


  • Student WALKERS - Walkers will be dismissed after busses at approximately 2:15pm. In the mornings, walkers should arrive between 7:00-7:20am.



  1. What if I need to pick up my student early?

A: Please arrange pick up prior to 1:30PM to ensure that you will not be caught by busses and traffic.

  1. What if I am running late?

A: Please join the next wave. If it becomes a scheduling conflict, please call the office and we will adjust the wave assignment to ensure that your child is not waiting for extra time.

  1. What if it is raining or other inclimate weather?

A: Please have students dress for the weather, but in extreme conditions, we will have students wait in the gymnasium and be dismissed individually (this may cause a slower release. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Click here to view an important letter from the school department regarding their position on diversity and equity.

If you are in need of food assistance, check out this resource that shows locations where food can be accessed in Androscoggin county.