Google Password

The initial password for all student Google Accounts is asdstudent. Once you are in, it will automatically prompt you to change your password. Please choose a unique 8 character password and write it down and store it in a secure location. Do not share passwords with your friends.


All Auburn Middle School Laptops will be covered by Safeware Insurance at no charge to students.

Accidental damage coverage funded by the Auburn School Department for:

Drops Falls Fire Collisions Cracked Screens Liquid Spills Submersion Power Surge Vandalism Flood

Students will be financially responsible for damages that are due to neglect or malicious activity

If you are having any technology issues (Laptop, Projector, Printer, Apple TV, etc.) please fill out a Technology Help Form below:

If you do not receive a response within 1 business day please email or call me at

207-333-6655 extension 2311

Auburn Middle School

Location IP Address

First Floor Copier/Printer

Second Floor Copier/Printer

Abraham printer

Bradbury Rm 224 printer

Cadillac Rm 218 printer

Katahdin Rm 209 printer

Library printer

Music Room printer

Sugarloaf Rm 109 printer

Tech Lab HP4100 printer

Tumbledown Rm 203 printer

WhiteCap Rm 102 printer