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June 3-7, 2024 (Week 10) 

Spring Sports Update:

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Let's make this spring season one to remember!

Go Falcons!





Auburn Middle School Athletic Information 


Welcome to Auburn Middle School Athletics! My name is Mr. Shaun McKinnon and I serve as the Athletic Director here at AMS! We're excited to have you join our diverse range of sports teams. Participating in athletics offers a great opportunity to develop teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness while having fun. Below is an overview of the sports offered at our middle school and my contact information:

Mr. Shaun McKinnon M.S.E.d

Auburn Middle School Athletic Director 

[email protected]



Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer

Field Hockey

Cross Country



Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball

Alpine Ski

Unified Basketball



Track and Field






We encourage all students to participate in our middle school athletics program. It's a chance to learn new skills, make friends, and stay active. Prior experience is not always necessary, as our coaches are dedicated to helping athletes of all levels improve and succeed. Remember, sports are not just about winning; they're about personal growth and having a positive experience.

Important Reminders:

  • All athletes must maintain academic eligibility to participate.
  • Physical examinations are required before joining a team.
  • Respect for coaches, teammates, opponents, and officials is crucial.

We look forward to a fantastic season of growth, teamwork, and enjoyment!


Mr. Shaun McKinnon M.S.E.d

Auburn Middle School Athletic Director 

[email protected]

Academic Eligibility

         All Students who participate in extracurricular activities will have their academic progress monitored every two weeks. A student not receiving a passing grade (76) (4 core classes) will be placed on “monitor” status for one week.  During this time the student may continue to participate in all team/activity events including practices, meetings, and games.


A student not receiving a passing grade (76) (4 Core classes) after being on “monitor” status will be identified as “Academically Ineligible”.  The student will be allowed to continue to practice with the team/activity, but will be prohibited from participating in all games/competitions.  The student may attend home games/contest (s) but may not attend any away contest (s) and/or attend aunty non-athletic team events i.e. (Team Dinners, Fundraisers, and Team Building Events).

     A student deemed “Academically Ineligible” who documents a passing grade (76) in (4 Core Classes) will be declared Academically Eligible immediately and can return to full participation with no restrictions.

Ninth Grade students entering from Auburn Middle School will automatically be eligible at the beginning of their High School career.

Students entering the districts must meet the Eligibility requirements listed above.




Fall Sports Registrations are now OPEN, use the link below to sign athletes up to participate




**Soccer, Field Hockey, and Cross Country  will start practice  September 5th, 2023 after school on the AMS Campus. Look for announcements from your coaches**


SMMSAC Facilities

Please follow the link below to the SMMSAC Website where you can find information about the Southern Maine Athletic Conference along with game locations based on school. 

SMMSAC Website

AMS Athletics Calendar 



Prior to being allowed to try out or participate on sports teams, students must have a current sports physical - available in the Health Center for a fee or by the family’s health practitioner. Students participating in interscholastic sports at AMS are required to sign up within My Family Id website which may be accessed through the AMS website.