AMS Traffic Info

Map of Auburn Middle School Traffic Pattern

Drop Off Instructions:

Drive up Falcon Drive toward the school, and take the left to travel along the left side of the building towards the back door. Drop off your student at the back door, then follow the loop to take you back to the front of the school.

Drop off is from 7am - 7:20am. Any student getting dropped off after 7:20 should be dropped off at the FRONT of the school. Students are considered tardy after 7:25am. 


Pick Up Instructions:

Follow the same driving pattern as drop off. Pick up begins at 2pm, and there WILL be a long line of cars. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Students can only be picked up from the designated area at the back of the school. For safety reason, students are not allowed to walk around the building to get to a car. We ask that you watch the adults on duty in order to keep the pick up line moving as quickly as possible. Any student not picked up by 2:30 will be escorted to the office to call about their ride. 

Student Walkers:

Walkers can arrive to school between 7:00-7:25am. Walkers will be dismissed at 2:00pm. 



What if I need to pick up my student early?
A: Please arrange pick up prior to 1:30pm to ensure that you will not be caught by busses and traffic.

What if I am running late?
A: Pick up out back is until 2:30pm. If you arrive after 2:30, pick up your student at the front of the school. 

What if there is inclimate weather?
A: Please have students dress for the weather, but in extreme conditions, we will have students wait in the cafeteria and be dismissed individually. We will notify students/parents if this occurs.