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AMS Expectations

AMS Expectations

Our school has common expectations for areas such as classrooms, hallways, bathrooms and the cafeteria.

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Safe

See our AMS Behavior Expectations here

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AMS PBIS Office Referral Definition

AMS Remote Learning Expectations

PBIS at Auburn Middle School (AMS) focuses on identifying, posting, reinforcing and teaching positive behavioral expectations aligned to our code, Responsible, Respectful, and Safe.

At the beginning of each school year, after major holiday breaks, and when our school-wide data suggest it is needed, AMS staff deliver structured, consistent lesson plans for all classroom and common, non-classroom locations to all students.

At each integral time of year, the PBIS team determines and coordinates the logistics for delivering the instruction across all appropriate locations. Staff use a Falcon "Passport" to ensure all appropriate locations are taught and all students receive the instruction. Each student will fill in their Google-form "passport" after the lessons are completed.

What is PBIS?

"Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based three-tiered framework for improving and integrating all of the data systems, and practices affecting students outcomes every day. It is a way to support everyone - to create the kinds of schools where all students are successful.

PBIS isn't a curriculum you purchase or something you learn during a one day professional development training. It is a commitment to addressing student behavior through systems change. When it's implemented well, students achieve improved social and academic outcomes." - https://www.pbis.org

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