Auburn Middle is excited to announce that we are working toward full implementation of School-Wide PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). We have a planning team consisting of faculty, staff, administration, students, our School Resource Officer, and will be looking for a few parents to join the team. Benefits of PBIS include:

All students enhance their social, emotional, and behavioral competence by

    • Regularly reviewing their school’s agreed upon school-wide social values.
    • Frequently experiencing specific recognition when they engage in expected behavior
    • Extending expected behaviors to all parts of the school, especially in classrooms, to enhance their academic engagement and success
    • Experiencing predictable instructional consequences (reteaching) for problem behavior without inadvertent rewarding of problem behavior
    • Using a common language for communication, collaboration, play, problem solving, conflict resolution, and securing assistance

The PBIS team meets every Tuesday from 2:25-4:00pm and parents are welcome to join us.

For more information, please contact Bob Griffin or visit the national PBIS website at www.pbis.org

AMS Office Referral Definitions, Examples, Non-Examples.pdf

An important component of PBIS is that all staff members are working with common definitions of behaviors and that staff have a clear understanding of which behaviors are classroom managed and which are office managed. This is a draft of our behavior document.