Student Handbook

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Proficiency grades for targets will be recorded by the mid-trimester and at the end of each trimester. Proficiency grades are still reported as 1, 2, 3, 4. Students can also earn half scores such as 2.5 if their work has not yet reached proficiency levels. Parents will have access to Powerschool to monitor grades and learning target scores.


  • Prior to taking a reassessment, students must demonstrate that they have done the work to learn what's being re-evaluated before being given the reassessment (for ex: student has completed all late work first)

  • Have deadlines (end of unit, end of trimester, etc...) that are clearly defined for students

  • Replace the original score - are not averaged with the previous assessment

Late Work:

  • Late work will be marked LATE in Powerschool

  • At times, late work has already been corrected in class so an alternative assignment may be provided for the student to complete instead to receive a grade

  • Major tests and projects will have reasonable due dates posted for parents and students to help students take responsibility for their own learning

  • With major projects, teachers will chunk the content and check it periodically to help students pace themselves; teachers may give credit for check-ins towards the final grade

  • Failure to turn in completed major assignments by the due date may result in up to a 10% reduction on that assignment

  • There will be clearly defined deadlines for accepting late work (end of unit, end of trimester, etc...)

Missing Work:

  • If a student is absent, then the assignment is marked as ABSENT

  • The student will be given adequate time to complete it and a penalty is not assessed during that time

  • Absent assignments will be marked as Missing if not turned in during the predetermined make-up time

  • Missing assignments may be allocated a score of zero within the grading program until the work is turned in by the deadline for accepting late work. If the student meets with the teacher to create a plan to get work done, then a score of fifty can be assigned by labeling the assignment as M for Missing.

  • At the end of the trimester, all missing assignments will be allocated a score of fifty to factor into the trimester average for the class.

Excusing Students from Foundational Work:

  • If a student is able to show proficiency on a target, then foundational assignments can be excused and not marked as missing. (An extrinsic motivator for students)

Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Enrichment opportunities (going for the higher level proficiency score, such as a 4.0) will be provided; this higher level of learning will be displayed in a higher proficiency score on the target

  • Grading of enrichment work will depend on the content area and may be individually scored in the gradebook

Habits of Work grade:

  • Students will receive a Habits of Work grade which will be reported separately for the class at mid-trimester and at the end of each trimester

  • Habits of Work for the 3.0:

    • With teacher support:

      • Preparation - Student frequently attends class prepared to learn; Student frequently completes work on time.

      • Pacing - Student is on pace to complete the learning targets taught in the class; Student makes up work missed due to absences in a timely manner.

      • Productivity - Student's work frequently meets the teacher's requirements for quality work; Student is frequently on task; Student perseveres when faced with challenges.

      • Participation - Student frequently demonstrates positive behavior; Student is an active and collaborative learner

  • HoW for the 2.5: Student has shown to have difficulties within 1 of these 4 areas

  • HoW for the 2.0: Student has shown to have difficulties within 2 of these 4 areas

  • HoW for the 1.5: Student has shown to have difficulties within 3 of these 4 areas

  • HoW for the 1.0: Student has shown to have difficulties with all areas and/or frequently disrupts the learning of others

  • HoW for the 3.5: Student has shown to excel in one or more of these 4 areas

  • HoW for the 4.0: Student has shown to excel in all of these 4 areas without teacher support

  • Special Education and 504 students may need special accommodations and may have separate HoW goals.

Grading Scale:





















Eligibility for After-School Activities (sports, drama...)

  • Students must be passing all classes

  • Students with an F will have one week to bring up their grades; after that, the student will be able to practice with the team but will not be able to compete

  • Students should make a plan with the teacher, parents and the athletic director to bring up failing grades

  • After one week, if a student is still failing, then that student may not practice or attend games. As soon as the grade is passing, then a student can practice and play with the team.

Weighting Grades in the Gradebook:

80% Summative (Final Assessments: Projects, Tests)

20% Formative (Classwork, Homework, Quizzes)