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NAME/EMAIL                     Content Area 
Sue Callahan Website Social Studies, CORE
Brent Watson               
Nicole Melcher Science, CORE
Kim St. Pierre WebsiteELA, Math, CORE
Jane Blais
 Math, CORE
Ronda Lecompte Health/FACS, CORE
Jeff Bedard       
Ed Tech, CORE
Suzanne Dix
Sarah Duchette Physical Education
Dustin Chasse
Physical Education
Kerri Rigazio Spanish
Nicole Begley French, CORE
Jim Rowe Tech Lab
Claudette Shales       Tech Lab
Molly Hayes

Guidance Counselor

Contact any of the Tumbledown teachers 
with any questions you may have!!  CORE teachers 
can answer "general" questions, but it is best to contact 
the academic teacher directly for any questions 
you may have about their class.
(See column to the left for teachers and classes)

AMS Family Grading Guide

News and Dates to Remember

Laptops have been rolled out on Tumbledown.  They have signed in and created accounts.
Students are allowed to bring them home!!
We have a handful of kids who have not returned the "permission" form indicating that their student may take their laptop home, or declines this option.
Kids who we do not have the form from were given another form today to take home an have signed and return.
Any student who has not returned their signed form by Sept. 29th, will no longer be able to bring their laptop home until the form is signed and returned.
Guidelines and expectations about laptops use and care have been discussed with students, so they are aware of the do's and don'ts.
Important: Laptops need to be fully charged when they come to school!!

Classes have started and we are on a roll. Students are now being assigned homework.  Ask them and Check their GoogleClassroom for assignments if there is one for that class!! 
Teachers that have a GoogleClass
Mrs. Callahan
Mrs. St. Pierre
Mrs. LeCompte
Mr. Watson
***Remember, AMS has climate control and temperatures throughout the building varies.  Make sure you bring a sweatshirt or sweater in case you need it.

October 6th          No School - Teacher Workshop Day

October 9th          No School - Columbus Day

November 10th          No School - Veteran's Day

November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th          No School  Thanksgiving Break

December 1st          Trimester 1 End

December 22nd - January 1st          Winter Break

January 2nd          No School - Teacher Workshop Day