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After-School Team Study

Katahdin offers a team study until 2:45.  Students needing transportation can take the 2:45 bus to their elementary school, and walk home, or catch a connecting bus.

Monday:  Mr. Leunig
2nd and 4th Tuesday:  TBD
Wednesday:  Ms. Wanser
Thursday:  Mrs. O'Neill

We do recommend students with a failing grade stay after school for extra help, and quiet time to complete assignments.  

Upcoming Events

 Friday, February 2nd is the PTO dance.  This is a major fundraiser for the PTO.  Tickets will go on sale the week of January 29th.   


Team Announcements

PE and Foreign Language classes are extended to Wednesday, January 24th, to help make up for the two snow days so far in the first semester. 

Welcome Mrs. Ellis!  Katahdin has several very happy students about having ART for the second trimester!  

We have recess on White days.  Please be sure to remind your student to come to school with a jacket, heavy sweatshirt, gloves and a hat.   If they want to play in snow, boots are required.  Thank you for your help.

Team Katahdin, along with Team Tumbledown teachers, is getting a sunshine basket together for Mz. Marcotte this week.  We are planning to deliver the basket on Friday, January 19th.  If you would like to send something in, items she would love would be iTunes gift card, DD gift card, anything with animals, chocolate, magazines, recycled books, yarn, etc.  Thanks so much.